FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) ON TTMF (Temporary Treatment and Monitoring Facilities)/ISOLATION CONCERNS

You can give the details and conditions of your child to be endorsed in a facility. Your child will be swabbed 5 days before he/she will be discharged.

Mamahimong ihatag nato ang detalye ug kondisyon sa atong anak arun ma endorse pud kini sila sa facility. Iswab pud ang atong anak 5 adlaw before ta ma discharge.

If you did not feel any symptoms within 10 days after the swab test, you can continue home isolation. However, if you have symptoms until the 12th day from the swab test, you need to be brought to a facility.

Kung wala tay ginabati sa nilabay nga 10 adlaw gikan gi-swab, mamahimo nalang ta nga magpadayon og isolate sa atong balay. Pero kung aduna tay sintomas hantud sa ika-12 nga adlaw gikan sa pagpaswab, kinahanglanon gihapon ta nga dalahon sa facility.

It is not allowed to take any public transportation, and it is not allowed to go directly to any facility. You must wait for the authorized personnel to fetch you for proper endorsement to avoid contamination.

Dili pwede magsakay og pangpubliko nga sakyanan, ug dli pwede modiretso og adto sa maski asa nga facility. Magpaabot ta sa atong sundo alang sa saktong endorsement ug maiwasan ang kontaminasyon.

We have classifications to consider. This will only be possible if you are all positive but asymptomatic.

Naay tay classifications nga i-consider. Kini posible lamang kung sabay kita nagpositive, ug pareho nga asymptomatic.

Our City TTMF does not have doctors but we have medical aides who can monitor them. While the DOH TTMF has doctors of DOH to monitor patients.

Atong mga City TTMF kay walay mga doctors pero naa tay mga medical aidse para mag-monitor sa ilaha. Samtang atong mga DOH TTMF naay doctor sa DOH nga maoy nagamonitor sa mga pasyente.

We have facilities that have hotel set-up and air-conditioned, but they are limited.

Naa tay mga facility nga hotel set-up nga naay aircon pero limited lang kini

You can accompany your child in the facility if he/she is 13 years old and below or has conditions that he/she needs someone to take care of her/him. If the watcher is negative of Covid-19, he/she needs to sign a waiver. 

Pwede nato ubanan atong anak sa facility kung kini nag edad 13 paubos or naay kondisyon nga kinahanglanon og watcher. Kung negative ang maong watcher, naay pirmahan nga waiver sa facility.


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