Davao City Vax Cluster to roll out 2nd anti-Covid booster on May 4

The Davao City Covid-19 Vaccination Cluster will roll out the administration of the second anti-Covid booster dose for immunocompromised individuals (18 years old and above) in all vaccination sites for adults starting May 4, 2022.

In a text message to the City Information Office (CIO), Davao City Covid-19 Task Force Vaccination Head Dr. Josephine Villafuerte said that all the vaccines, whether for homologous or heterologous jabs, are available for the second booster dose. The vaccination teams to administer the second booster dose are also ready in all vaccination sites where adult vaccinations are being conducted.

The administration of the second booster is based on guidelines issued by the National Vaccine Operation Center (NVOC) on April 22, 2022, as a “public health response to mitigate Covid-19 transmission, especially in light of the continued emergence of Variants of Concern (VOC) and the gradual reopening of social institutions, all in consideration of the current COVID-19 vaccine supplies, projections, logistics, and other significant factors in the vaccination roll-out”.

Based on the guidelines, the eligible individuals for the second booster dose are the immunocompromised population, 18 years old and above, regardless of priority group classification. The immunocompromised individuals are defined as individuals with an Immunodeficiency state; HIV; active cancer or malignancy, transplant recipients; undergoing steroid treatment; patients with poor prognosis/bedridden patients; and, other conditions of immunodeficiency as certified by a physician.

The second booster dose shall be administered at least three months after the third (3rd) dose or first (1st) booster dose.

Eligible individuals shall be given the option to choose whether he/she shall receive a homologous or a heterologous second booster dose, depending on the availability of vaccine brands at the vaccination site.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already issued Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the vaccine brands for 2nd dose boosters namely: Pfizer, Moderna, Sinovac, Sinopharm, and AstraZeneca.

More information on the second booster dose and vaccination schedule can be accessed through the City Government of Davao Facebook Page. CIO