Davao City to start booster shot rollout for healthcare workers

The City Government of Davao will soon start the rollout of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine booster shots for eligible frontline healthcare workers (HCWs) or those belonging to priority group A1.

In an interview on Thursday, November 18, Davao City COVID-19 Task Force spokesperson Dr. Michelle Schlosser said that although there is no definite date yet as to the start of the third dose or booster shots, the vaccination cluster said that it will be as soon as possible.

“If we can make it this week, then we will. Pero pag magput-up man gud tag logistics medyo lisod man gud siya (we’re having some challenges when it comes to logistics) but we are hoping that we can roll it out as early as next week,” Schlosser said.

The initial rollout of the booster shots for fully-vaccinated HCWs begins on November 17.

“Ito kasi sa NCR, nag-start na sila og booster dose so as soon as maput-up nato ang logistics and then ma-coordinate nato ang hospitals because ang pinaka-priority nato ani is A1 population. When we say A1, atong mga medical frontliners for the meantime,” Schlosser said.

She said that they already received the operational guidelines on administering booster shots.

Based on the report of the Davao City Vaccination Cluster as of November 11, a total of 57,410 healthcare workers have been fully vaccinated while 62,165 have received their first dose.

Schlosser said that unlike before when any vaccine available will be administered, the priority group A1 may choose to receive either the same brand as his/her primary series (homologous booster) or another brand (heterogenous booster).

“You have a choice either you want it homologue or you want it heterogenous. Sa booster dose, pwede ta mag-mix sa booster dose. They have a choice either opt for homologue nga kung Sinovac, even ilang third dose Sinovac gihapon pero naa pod choice kung heterogenous kung Sinovac ka pwede mag-Pfizer, pwede ka mag-Moderna,” Schlosser said.

She further assured that there is already a study proving that the mixing of vaccines remains safe and effective.CIO