Davao City discontinues use of face shields onboard PUJs

Passengers onboard an open and well-ventilated public utility jeepneys (PUJs) are no longer required to wear face shields, according to Dr. Michelle Schlosser, the Spokesperson of the Davao City Covid-19 Task Force. 

During the Covid-19 Alert Program over the Davao City Disaster Radio Wednesday, Schlosser said, “Klaro kaayo ang emphasis ni mayor, when it is closed and confined, the face shield is necessary, so gi-define niya didto ang jeepney, ang jeepney dili siya closed and confined kay open man ang windows naay open na free ventilation (It was clearly emphasized by the mayor when it is closed and confined, the face shield is necessary. So she defined there that jeepney – it is not closed and confined, it is open with free ventilation),” Schlosser said.

Schlosser clarified this after receiving reports that the traffic enforcers are still advising drivers and passengers to wear face shields. 

Schlosser said that there is a low risk of spreading the infection since it is open ventilation. 

On Monday’s Special Hour with Mayor Inday Sara Duterte, the mayor said that based on Executive Order (E.O.) No. 51 Series of 2021, face shields are to be used only in three C’s – crowded places with many people nearby, close-contact settings, especially where people have close-range conversations, and confined and enclosed spaces with poor ventilation.

Crowded places are the swab sites, vaccination sites, evacuation centers, distribution of assistance, and the Commission on Elections (Comelec) voters’ registration.

Close-contact settings are those “contact between individuals within six feet of each other for more than 15 minutes”.

Confined and enclosed spaces with poor ventilation are those indoor structures with roofs and walls and without open windows.

The mayor said that those who enter the church with open windows are not required to wear face shields and the same as inside jeepneys.

“Ang jeepney dili na na siya 3C kay dili na sila enclosed kadaghanan sa ilaha, duna tay L-3 no nga naka-aircon, kana siya confined and enclosed space siya, kung taxi naka aircon isarado ang bintana kana siya confined and enclosed space, kung abrihan ang bintana dili na na siya confined and enclosed place kay naa siyay hangin sa gawas nga nagatuyok sa sulod (Jeepneys do not belong to the 3Cs because the majority of them are not enclosed. The L3 (type of PUJ) is airconditioned and that is a confined and enclosed space, the taxi is airconditioned – with a closed window that is an enclosed space. If the windows will be open it is no longer a confined and enclosed space because the air from the outside circulates to the inside),” Mayor Sara said. CIO